We are Legion. Gladio offers modern solutions to the challenges faced by advertisers and publishers alike. From traditional marketing techniques to niche tactics, our team has the experience and mettle to help you attain your targets.

We Are Gladio

Gladio was formed by a team of 5 industry veterans with multiple skill sets. Our initial goal was to use guerilla marketing tactics and a unique toolkit built over a decade to generate high-quality traffic at fair prices. Over the last few years we have forged Gladio into a coalition of publishers and advertisers with like-minded ideals. Like the centurions who bore our company’s namesake into battle, we work together in concert to achieve our mutual goals.

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” - Marcus Annaeus Seneca

Why Us

At Gladio’s core is the praefectus fabrum, a team of specialists who evaluate the requirements of both our publishers and our advertisers and bring them into reality. From specialized solutions to well established operations, we have developed strategies and infrastructure to monetize your idea. Because our partners are our brothers and sisters in arms, we share our experiences and tools in order to ensure success. From solutions for accounts and cards to banking, funding, and legal assistance, our corps of experienced professionals are at your beck and call. 

Our relationships are forged on solutions and tempered with time, trust and results.

How can you join the legion?


Expand your brand

We have been helping advertisers, from large brands and small businesses, to build relationships, amplify their reputations, and achieve optimized outcomes. 


Partner with the best

At Gladio, we understand that the core of our phalanx are our publishers. That is why Gladio has an entire team dedicated to supporting publishers of any size, vertical or source.