How to make money with cryptocurrency through affiliate marketing

Cryptocurrency affiliate marketing programs are the talk of the town, thanks to the rising popularity of Bitcoin and other altcoins among the masses. People are jumping on the crypto affiliate scheme bandwagon in droves, and it is not difficult to fathom why it is happening. These programs can help you earn extra money, which means one can supplement their income steadily. Another reason is that requirements for starting as a crypto affiliate marketer are also not intensive, which means you can get on board without much effort and investment.

How Crypto Affiliate Works?  

The crypto affiliate marketing program works along similar lines to the other affiliate programs available in the market. The fundamental operating principle remains the same, although the complexity level involved in crypto programs is slightly higher than that of simple affiliate products. This is because cryptocurrency is purely a technical concept and is continually evolving with changes happening in the field every day. Having said that, once you develop a knack for crypto affiliate marketing, you can quickly excel in this field. One can take inspiration from the huge success that has been able to garner in the crypto affiliate marketing field. The level of expertise offered by the company is exemplary and serves as a shining example for others to follow.  

It is not difficult to understand the working mechanism behind the crypto affiliate marketing program. There are primarily three stakeholders involved in the process – an organization, an affiliate, and a target customer. An organization operating in the cryptocurrency domain will hire an affiliate to promote its products and services among the target audience. The affiliates’ enrollment happens through an affiliate marketing scheme in which they sign up with the company. Once the enrollment is done, affiliates get a promotional link that they need to promote among the prospective customers, and in return, they will get paid by the company for every valid action taken by the prospective buyer on that promotional link. 

How to make money with affiliate schemes?

To start making money with crypto affiliate programs, you need to take the following steps: 

1) Select a crypto affiliate marketing program in which you want to get enrolled. While selecting the program, make sure that you go for the scheme aligned with your field of expertise. This is specifically important because the affiliate marketing process will yield desirable desserts only if you hold specific knowledge/expertise in a particular segment in which you want to promote the company’s products. Given that there are many categories in the cryptocurrency domain, you need to finalize a particular segment in which you will be promoting a specific organization’s products. 

2) The second step is to sign in, which is not a difficult procedure, although it may differ from company to company depending upon the policies and procedures adopted by different organizations. Most companies enroll their affiliates through an online process, although it is not uncommon to find companies that require you to submit a hard-copy of the signed form with them. 

3) Once you get enrolled in the affiliate marketing scheme, you will receive a promotional link from the organization. This link contains the information related to a specific product or service that the company wants you to promote among the target audience. 

4) Further, you need to market the promotional link with the help of different platforms. Your campaign’s effectiveness will depend upon your reach in a particular target market and the close association you enjoy with a certain group of customers. This explains why opinion leaders, product experts, famous bloggers, etc., turn out to be more successful in affiliate marketing than others. 

5) Once the prospective customer makes a desirable move by clicking on the link or purchasing the company’s product, you will get your commission credited directly into your account. The amount of money per lead or valid action will depend on the agreement you have inked with the organization. 

Payment Policies

Different organizations have different policies regarding the payout to their affiliate marketers. Some pay based on the number of clicks per link, while others use more genuine criteria of paying per lead. In the lead criterion, many actions could be considered by the company to pay affiliates, including product purchases, giving feedback, filling the questionnaire, etc. Hence, the affiliate marketer will be paid depending upon the number of clicks or sales generated through the potential buyer as per the terms and conditions written in the agreement.

Besides the payout calculations, the currency in which affiliate marketers are being paid also differs from one organization to another. Some companies prefer paying in standard fiat currency, while others are open to compensating affiliates in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. The payment through cryptocurrency has emerged as one of the key elements in enhancing the appeal of affiliate programs among potential affiliates. 

Issues in Crypto Affiliates Schemes

It is important to note that the discipline of crypto affiliate marketing is not bereft of its share of problems. Especially, affiliates need to be careful not to fall prey to fraudulent schemes in the market, which offer unrealistic payouts to lure unwary affiliates. Hence, it is necessary to conduct thorough and comprehensive research to ascertain the company’s credentials and its payout plans before enrolling in any affiliate marketing program. Even the small-scale preliminary investigation will go a long way in ensuring that your efforts do not turn out to be unproductive in the end. 


Making money through a crypto affiliate marketing program can supplement your income while providing you with a steady revenue source in the long run. There is no doubt that the process requires a considerable amount of effort and persistence initially, but with time, things tend to become smooth and easy. In sum, you need to remember that the level of success in affiliate marketing ultimately depends upon your dedication and devotion towards the process.

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