What is Affiliate Marketing? How Incremental is It for a Business?

Affiliate Marketing is a tactical strategy adopted by organizations across the globe to increase sales revenue and market share. The process is extremely beneficial for both the affiliate marketers and brands. While affiliate marketers get a good commission on every successful sale generated by their efforts, organizations reap benefits through cost optimization...

Pros and Cons of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has been gaining tremendous momentum as one of the most effective advertising tools. With over 80% of merchants using affiliate marketing to further their business, the relevance of this online marketing practice is as clear as day.

Tricks to Build and Maintain Strong Affiliate Marketing Partnerships

ffiliate marketing has evolved as an effective medium to engage consumers with compelling products/services and optimize the whole marketing process. A successful affiliate marketing process constitutes three crucial aspects: building, nourishing, and sustaining relationships.

8 Powerful Ways to Optimize Your Brand Reputation

One of the most important assets related to the brand is its equity or reputation. The success of your products/services both in the marketplace or market space is significantly dependent upon the reputation your brand enjoys among customers.

Dos and Don’ts for Successful Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

The booming potential of affiliate marketing has transformed it into one of the most important promotional strategies adopted by organizations across different sectors.